By Michael Pool

Private investigator Riley Reeves specializes in cases of at-risk and missing girls. When a local socialite couple hires Riley to protect their teenage daughter from a mysterious stalker, things get off to a rough start. Making matters worse, Riley’s troubled alcoholic brother and last living relative, Chip, shows up on her doorstep the same day, fresh out of the state penitentiary.

Riley’s investigation soon uncovers that the girl is involved with a dangerous group of older criminal men, though their connection to her stalking remains unclear. Meanwhile, Chip is off the wagon and running wild, drumming up constant trouble that soon arrives at Riley’s doorstep. It doesn’t take long for both the case and Riley’s personal life to start spinning out of control. Can Riley solve the case without losing everyone and everything that means anything to her in the process?






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“This is good, tough stuff, retro and modern at the same time. Not an easy trick. Highly recommend.” — Joe Lansdale, author of the Hap and Leonard series

“Private investigator Riley Reeves is exactly how I like my sleuths: whip-smart, tenacious, and compassionate. And tougher than a Texas rattlesnake when it comes to meting out justice to violent criminals. With its page-turning pace, surprising turns, and an insider’s look at the underbelly of Texas society, author Michael Pool has launched a must-read series. I loved it!” 

  – Barbara Nickless, author of the bestselling Sydney Parnell series, Blood on the Tracks, Dead Stop, Ambush, and Gone to Darkness

“Riley Reeves is a tough, capable heroine, and Pool writes PI fiction with hard-won authenticity and infectious love for the genre. Throwing Off Sparks is highly recommended.” 

     – Sam Wiebe, author of the Dave Wakeland series

“Right from the jump, I was drawn in by Michael Pool’s well-crafted Throwing Off Sparks. It’s got pace and heart, and well-drawn characters, some you’ll love, some you’ll hate. To put it simply, it’s sharp writing that makes for edge-of-your-seat reading. And like so many of my favorite series, the worst part of this one is having to wait for the next installment.” 

     – Dietrich Kalteis, award-winning author of Ride the Lightning and House of Blazes

Throwing Off Sparks is a P.I. novel with more pulse-pounding action than most thrillers. This book will be landing on Best of 2020 lists.”

     – Chris Rhatigan, publisher, All Due Respect

“What starts out as a seemingly routine if briskly constructed mystery quickly reveals itself to be a moving, exciting, illuminating, and heartfelt literary experience.”

     – Will Viharo, author of the Vic Valentine, Private Eye series

“Pool writes his protagonist’s pragmatic and streetwise routines and methodologies with bulletproof street cred. And that’s no surprise considering he is a full-time  private investigator himself. Pool’s deep-dive investigation expertise is part of the book’s fun, offering a literary ride-along into P.I. life —for better or worse. Reeves is smart and tough, but not superwoman. She’s a human; one whose life is as messy as the rest of ours, and for that it’s easy to buy into the character… If Throwing Off Sparks is any indication of the quality of work to come from  P.I. Tales, these guys are going to make all kinds of noise. ” 

   – The Lone Star Lineup