Fans of these 3 fictional female private investigators will love Riley Reeves (here’s why)

fictional female private investigators

Private investigators have a long and storied history in crime fiction. 

Over the years, a powerful cast of fictional female private investigators have made their way onto the scene to great fanfare. Over time, readers have come to understand that underestimating these women is a critical, and possibly fatal, error.

And the same can be said for our own female private eye, Riley Reeves, whose debut novel, Throwing Off Sparks, is scheduled for release May 12, 2020. In preparation for that release, we’ve made a list of 3 fictional female private investigators whose fans will definitely want to meet Riley (and why).

Kinsey Millhone

fictional female private investigatorsShrewd, determined, and haunted by the loss of her parents, the late Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone  is one of crime fiction’s most dynamic female private investigators. And, like Kinsey, Riley Reeves is also haunted by the loss of her parents, though to natural causes rather than anything sudden. Like Kinsey, Riley is constantly trying to determine what her place is in a world without her family, and always coming up shorter for answers than she might have hoped.

Both are at their best when working their cases. For Riley, this quality creates a conflict between her two selves, and nowhere is this more present than in the events of her debut novel,Throwing Off Sparks.


Jessica Shaw

fictional female private investigatorsTough. Courageous. Determined. Many readers apply these labels to Lisa Gray’s traveling female private investigator, Jessica Shaw.  And these characteristics also describe Riley Reeves to a “T”. Both characters live and breathe their work. Each shows a willingness to lay it all on the line, even when the costs may not be worth it, and even when their choice is not the only viable path forward.

Jessica is often focused on uncovering her past, even at the expense of the present. Riley, too, is unable to leave the past out of her day-to-day life. Readers will love the similar fast pace these two work at, and Riley’s efficient, obsessive approach to her cases is sure to feel familiar to Jessica’s fans.


Nichelle Clarke

fictional female private investigatorsNichelle Clarke is a reporter by trade but has all the hallmarks of a private investigator in her approach. Unafraid to wade into danger in service to a story, Nichelle will stop at nothing to solve the mysteries uncovered by her reporting. She readily sticks her nose where it “doesn’t belong,” which often gets her into hot water in the process.

Like Nichelle, Riley Reeves is also unafraid to wade into the danger. She may be a woman working in a man’s world, but she’s no pushover. Undeterred by violence or threat of death, Riley is one to do her research, but even more of one to get her hands as dirty as it takes to solve her cases and protect her clients. Fans of Nichelle will find a kindred spirit in Riley and are sure to love everything about her thoughts and stories.


Meet Riley Reeves

Book one in the Riley Reeves private investigator series, Throwing Off Sparks, releases May 12, 2020. We are BEYOND excited to share her stories with the world. Learn more HERE.

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