Please make sure to read this entire page, as we take a different approach to submissions, and it is important that submitting authors understand not only our guidelines but also what it means to join the P.I. Tales world. Submissions that do not follow the format requested will not be considered. 


CHARACTER IS KING. P.I. Tales is interested in series private detectives exclusively at this time. What that means for writers is we are as concerned with your character’s long-term series potential as we are about the plot of your first novel. Our publishing model is unique in that each book and series we publish is not just a representative of the author’s work, but also of the P.I. Tales brand as a whole. Our goal is not good characters, but ICONIC characters. We realize this is a bit intangible. We are looking for the following minimum standards (along with the above-mentioned intangible qualities):

  • Strong voice.
  • Interesting or iconic setting.
  • Original or unique investigative approach or outlook.
  • Strong sub-genre appeal (which means we expect our partners to know who will read their series, and why).
  • Engaging, concise backstory.

** We will consider unlicensed private detective characters, as long as they are working in a professional private investigative capacity as their career.

*** All characters must be living in contemporary times (the present year, plus or minus 20 years)


We will only consider a series character if the author has either a finished novel manuscript featuring the character (strongly preferred), a complete short story manuscript featuring the character (as the protagonist), or other full story arc sample that demonstrates the series’ style and tone, as well as the author’s approach to storytelling.

Please prepare the requested materials from the following list prior to beginning your submission by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. You will then place your materials in the proper form categories when prompted. Please note that our form is a single-submission form, so you will need to enter all your information correctly prior to submitting it as you will not be able to go back and make changes after.

  1. Name.
  2. Contact information.
  3. Web address for your current author website.
  4. A character outline describing the character’s investigative setting, background, lifestyle, approach to investigations, and a brief description of why you feel readers will love the character. (150-300 words)
  5. The working title of the first book in the series.
  6. A marketing synopsis that would appear on the back of the first novel in the series (no more than 200 words).
  7. A brief description of the book’s target audience and potential “peer book” audiences (i.e. “fans of blank series will love this book”).


If we like what we see, we will reach out to you directly to request further materials, which may include ( PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THESE MATERIALS BEFORE THEY ARE REQUESTED, THEY WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.):

  • The first three chapters of the first-in-series novel.
  • Any short story you may have featuring the character which you currently have the rights to and are willing to use as a potential promotional tool for the series.


We’re focused on publishing quality, not quantity. By which we mean you will never be lost in the shuffle once your character joins the ranks of P.I. Tales. Every author we work with will become a representative of our brand, and your success is infinitely tied to our brand success. We will be investing our resources, expertise, connections, time, money, and soul into making your series successful at equal rates with any title we publish. We are committed to investing in your career, not just your series, and we want to see you grow, both with and without us. We are ambitious about your success and we only invest in authors and titles we believe can climb to the top of the market.

We are not a publishing house in the traditional sense of that term. We are a cross-medium brand committed to taking our creative content into new mediums and formats while remaining long-term partners with the authors whose stories we bring into the world. Your series contract doesn’t just obligate your character or series to us, it obligates our brand to you, and represents our shared commitment to mutual success. 

We are also seeking the right personal chemistry with our authors. Our goal is to develop a sense of camaraderie and community with our partnered authors and to spread their work (along with the P.I. Tales brand and world) across the planet. Your creative integrity is important to us, our goal is to be a creative and publishing partner who helps foster your growth and success as an artist.  We’re working on something unique in the industry and we can’t wait to meet the people who will become an integral part of making it a success!