CLASSIC STYLE.


Modern problems require modern solutions. Or, do they? This is just one of the many avenues detectives in the P.I. Tales collection will explore. Separated by locale, but also by personality and approach, each detective in the P.I. Tales collection plays by their own unique sense of the rules. Each follows their own private moral code.

Much like the classic detectives of yesterday, our private eyes walk through a world where they have little influence, no authority, and no other way out other than forward. They may even cross paths from time to time, who knows?

Our detectives’ investigations could take them across genres and across mediums, from novels to comics to television. And beyond. We are proud to bring you our modern takes on the classic detective. We hope you like what you read.

Hover over “PRIVATE EYES” on the toolbar at the top of the page and use the dropdown menu to learn about each of the detectives currently working in the P.I. Tales world. We like to think there is a little something here for everyone. We have a hunch you’ll agree.