Double Feature Volume Two: Hallmarks of the Job / Aloha Boys

We’re proud to announce the second installment in our Double Feature Series, which pairs Frank Zafiro’s Hallmarks of the Job with Michael Bracken’s Aloha Boys! This funny and thrilling second installment of lightning-fast novellas will be published August 17, 2021 in trade paperback and eBook formats. From the dust jacket:

Two thrilling detective novellas in one exciting volume!

In Frank Zafiro’s Hallmarks of the Job, meticulous private investigator Stanley Melvin likes to keep his work grounded in reality, not at all like the classic detective novels he has read incessantly since childhood. But his best friend and annoying neighbor Rudy quickly points out that his routine “cheater” case is rapidly taking on all of the features that Stanley steadfastly insists are mere fictional tropes of the genre.




In Michael Bracken’s Aloha Boys, private investigator Morris Ronald “Moe Ron” Boyette is still adjusting to his new digs above Millie’s Tattoos and Piercings when a homeless woman hires him to find her missing half-brother. Searching for the young man sends Boyette through the depraved underbelly of the local university, reunites him with a mob boss best left in his past, and leads him to question everything he thought he knew about families.

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