Announcing the P.I. Tales Double Feature series!

P.I. Tales Double Feature

P.I. Tales is proud to announce the launch of our new Double Feature series, an ongoing series of detective novelettes. Each volume will include two unconnected novelettes, some featuring P.I. Tales series characters, others featuring characters who are entirely new to the P.I. Tales world. Two volumes are expected in 2021.

The first installment in the series, to be released on February 2, 2021, will feature debut author Hunter Eden’s The Path of Jackals, which introduces new P.I. Tales series character Fennec Suleiman to the world (to be followed by a first novel in the series later in 2021). Alongside The Path of Jackals will be Michael Pool’s Crimson Smile, featuring P.I. Tales series character Rick Malone.

The Path of Jackals

Sephardi Jew and war-correspondent-turned-private-investigator Fennec Suleiman lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Suleiman suffers from a traumatic brain injury sustained while embedded in Iraq, an injury that may or may not be responsible for the apparition of the Egyptian god Anubis he often sees and communicates with. Whether chasing down Bedouin hash dealers or consulting mystical cemetery dwellers, Suleiman’s wry dialogue and historical commentary  bring the streets of Cairo alive, maybe even occasionally raising the dead themselves…

From the back cover:

When a clout-obsessed American teenager goes missing in Cairo, Fennec is called in by the girl’s superficial parents to find her. The investigation soon takes him to Cairo’s darkest corners, though none darker than the shadow of Anubis looking over his shoulder. Can Fennec find the girl before she discovers the true price of fame?



Crimson Smile

Meanwhile, Crimson Smile will mark the second P.I. Tales publication of a Rick Malone Short Case and is a timely follow up to the first novel in the Rick Malone series, One Way Out (November 17, 2020). From the back cover:

Denver PI Rick Malone has seen his share of marriages gone bad. When a local socialite stands accused of slitting her wealthy husband’s throat, Malone is called in by defense counsel to perform a criminal defense investigation. It doesn’t take long for his client’s needs to diverge from the truth he’s uncovered, and that truth has the power to change lives, including his own, forever…

Author submissions for the Double Feature series will open in October 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

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